I am Pritam Sukumar,  a traveller who likes writing about the places he sees and the unique people he encounters. I was working as a Software Engineer  in Seattle. A vague dissatisfaction with my life led me to evaluate my finances, quit my job, and set out to travel. I started with a month-long solo hike in France, which I loved. I followed it up with a quick tour of a few cities in Europe, and then made my way through South America, falling in love with Chile and Argentina.

I did not have a goal in mind when I made the decision to take off on my own, but travel has changed me: it has given me a sense of freedom, a strong(ish) will that refuses to compromise on its values, and a discontent, that always makes sure I’m trying to design a life around those values.

This website is a place to share stories from my travel, about how it changed me, about the unique characters I encountered, and about the food I ate (and sometimes cooked!). Along the way, I hope to leave you with a few tips about visiting the places I talk about, so that you may have your own adventures. While doing all these things, I am also working towards becoming a better writer, something I have always wanted to be.

For information on how to contact me, see below.

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