Month: February 2017

The Coquimbo Region in Chile

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Why was I travelling?  As I made my way north across Chile, my definition of travel (here is a post I wrote much later on the trip), my purpose here in South America, and the bigger picture behind it all: how it would affect the person I would turn out to be – all of these things kept… continue reading »

ViƱa Del Mar

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Just north of Valparaiso is the town of Viña Del Mar. David, who I had latched on to since Santiago, and I walked to this town along the coast. We ate freshly caught, super-tasty fish and fries at one of the small shops along the beach. Or maybe it was at the wharf, where there were… continue reading »

The day the donkeys ran away

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Refuge De La Leise is set halfway down between a pass and a valley. From it, the GR 5 meanders on downwards toward a stream, then continues along it, fading away into the distance. On both sides of the refuge are smooth, grassy slopes, with a few scattered rocks, barely balancing themselves on the incline…. continue reading »


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On my flight to Chile, I met Gaby, a lively social worker from Valparaiso. She started smiling at the smallest of excuses, and it looked like it was hard for her to stop. She didn’t speak much English and I didn’t speak any Spanish, but we managed to exchange numbers, and have a staccato conversation, through the… continue reading »