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Tajikistan – Part 1: It begins (Dushanbe to Qalai Khumb)

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Country: TajikistanFrom Dushanbe to (just before) Qalai KhumbKilometers cycled: Around 350 kmNext Parts: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 I got to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan at 3 AM on October 15. My bike arrived at the baggage claim area half an hour later, looking like it was still in one piece. The airline attendants had added an air pump to… continue reading »

A walk in Gokarna

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I started walking from the hostel on the so-called “Five Beach Trek” at 7 AM, a full hour later than what the manager had told me. “You have to start at 6. It gets hot very fast after that!” I spent a few minutes chasing a peacock trying to get the bird, the light, and… continue reading »

Hiking in France: the GR5 trail

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France is crisscrossed with well-marked trails known as the GRs (short for Grande Randonnee, which means Big Walk). The GR5 is one of these and runs all the way from Holland to the Mediterranean coast. However, the most popular section is the final 600-odd kilometre stretch through the French Alps from Lake Geneva to Nice…. continue reading »

How I ended up quitting my job and becoming the first Indian to walk a month long trail in France

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In 1977, Robyn Davidson walked alone across Australia (some 1700-odd miles). Her motivation, the malaise that affected her affected me as well, notwithstanding that our generation, our sex, and our class were all different. “Self-indulgent negativity” is exactly what it was. I was working at Amazon, getting paid more money than I needed and doing more work than… continue reading »