Yet Another How To Quit Your Job And Travel Post

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tl;dr (Too Long; Didn’t Read): Things can work out if you work for it. I had not planned on writing one of these “How to Quit Your Job and Travel” posts because my story isn’t nearly as dramatic as many other travel bloggers. I wasn’t “tired of the 9-5 grind”, I didn’t have any major… continue reading »


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Bhutan, the only carbon negative country in the world. Bhutan, the happiest country in the world. Did you know they measure their country’s progress by something they call the Gross National Happiness (GNH) index? Bhutan, the only Himalayan country without a garbage problem. Where tourists and foreigners are treated with kindness and warmth. Where the… continue reading »

Northeast bike trip

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Almost immediately after my Karnataka+Goa Motorcycle Trip, I set off on my next ride through the Northeast of India. The first step was for me and Perezosa (that’s my motorcycle) to catch the train to Kolkata, and then set off from there. Like the Karnataka-Goa trip, I’m going to write a series of posts about… continue reading »

Buenos Aires – Food

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I was in Buenos Aires more than two years ago. I spent a few weeks more than I intended to because all my documents and electronics, and most of my t-shirts and underwear were stolen. But that’s a story for a different day! I’m here now to tell you about the amazing food. It was… continue reading »

A True Story: How I Got My Driving License

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I use an app (available on all the things I use: iOS, Android, Mac) called Day One to write my journal. While the app makes it easy to write a journal entry because your phone is always in reach, it also makes it hard because everything else in the world is also just a touch… continue reading »

Where I and this website are going

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I haven’t written anything here for more than two months now. I want each article to serve multiple purposes (like all good travel blogs do): Tell a story: this is what I wanted to do with my writing in the first place! Be useful to the reader Be well-written Inspire the reader to travel to… continue reading »

South India Motorcycle Trip – Part 4: Goa

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Foreword On my (Not so) Great South Indian Motorcycle Trip, my plan after Hampi was to head to Goa, then Mumbai, and then to the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. However, true to character, I left my camera in the hostel and so had to ride back to Goa from Mumbai. You may wonder why… continue reading »

South India Motorcycle Trip — Part 3: Hampi

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Foreword After my time in the Western Ghats, I visited Hampi. I intended to stay there for two or three days before moving on to Goa, but I enjoyed the atmosphere in the place so much that I ended up staying a week. The road to Hampi from Agumbe (through Davengere) was decent, passing through… continue reading »