A walk in Gokarna

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I started walking from the hostel on the so-called “Five Beach Trek” at 7 AM, a full hour later than what the manager had told me. “You have to start at 6. It gets hot very fast after that!” I spent a few minutes chasing a peacock trying to get the bird, the light, and… continue reading »

San Pedro de Atacama

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View from a hill with a small house in the distance

Prologue The carabineros (Chilean police) rushed into the scene before any of us could even stand up. They spread out across the front of the group, speaking in quick and efficient Spanish, telling everyone to wrap up the party and go home. One of them approached a man who was clearly drunk and probably high. He… continue reading »

Longform Wednesday

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Welcome to the second episode of Pritam’s Longform Wednesdays, where I share approximately five longform articles chosen from my reading on the internet through the week. Reading longer articles is quite challenging me for these days; just the act of staying with the article for longer than a few minutes, while the rest of the… continue reading »

The Coquimbo Region in Chile

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Why was I travelling?  As I made my way north across Chile, my definition of travel (here is a post I wrote much later on the trip), my purpose here in South America, and the bigger picture behind it all: how it would affect the person I would turn out to be – all of these things kept… continue reading »

Viña Del Mar

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Just north of Valparaiso is the town of Viña Del Mar. David, who I had latched on to since Santiago, and I walked to this town along the coast. We ate freshly caught, super-tasty fish and fries at one of the small shops along the beach. Or maybe it was at the wharf, where there were… continue reading »

The day the donkeys ran away

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Refuge De La Leise is set halfway down between a pass and a valley. From it, the GR 5 meanders on downwards toward a stream, then continues along it, fading away into the distance. On both sides of the refuge are smooth, grassy slopes, with a few scattered rocks, barely balancing themselves on the incline…. continue reading »