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On my flight to Chile, I met Gaby, a lively social worker from Valparaiso. She started smiling at the smallest of excuses, and it looked like it was hard for her to stop. She didn’t speak much English and I didn’t speak any Spanish, but we managed to exchange numbers, and have a staccato conversation, through the… continue reading »

A history of my running

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Reflections of Fitz Roy in Argentina

When I was six or seven, I joined swimming classes. There was a boy down the road, Ashwin, whose mom would drive us there in their car. On the way back, the two of us would sit behind my mom on her beaten up scooter, tired and fresh. In a few years, I got quite… continue reading »

Hiking in France: the GR5 trail

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France is crisscrossed with well-marked trails known as the GRs (short for Grande Randonnee, which means Big Walk). The GR5 is one of these and runs all the way from Holland to the Mediterranean coast. However, the most popular section is the final 600-odd kilometre stretch through the French Alps from Lake Geneva to Nice…. continue reading »

How I ended up quitting my job and becoming the first Indian to walk a month long trail in France

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In 1977, Robyn Davidson walked alone across Australia (some 1700-odd miles). Her motivation, the malaise that affected her affected me as well, notwithstanding that our generation, our sex, and our class were all different. “Self-indulgent negativity” is exactly what it was. I was working at Amazon, getting paid more money than I needed and doing more work than… continue reading »