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I haven’t written anything here for more than two months now. I want each article to serve multiple purposes (like all good travel blogs do):

  1. Tell a story: this is what I wanted to do with my writing in the first place!
  2. Be useful to the reader
  3. Be well-written
  4. Inspire the reader to travel to a place.

I read quite a few travel blogs (check out my About Me page for some of my favourites) and I like them because all of them — to varying degrees — succeed in all of the above.

I find that I struggle a lot with all three things:

  1. I find that my interests really bend towards telling a story, but a story sometimes is hard to find. When you do find a story, it’s sometimes the same story as you told in another place.
  2. It’s easy to be useful in the sense that I can always write a list of things to do in a place. But that’s not what I enjoy writing.
  3. If I had to point at one purpose of starting this website, I would tell you it was to improve my writing. But considering how irregularly I update this (reasons coming up below), my writing has stagnated. Along the way, I have discovered that I do not have a good grasp of grammar or of punctuation;
  4. I think some of my entries do inspire people a little bit, but who knows.

With that point wise breakdown of how I failed at each of the things a good travel blog should be, let me share a few more thoughts with you on why I think I am failing:

  1. Maybe I’m old? When I read travel blogs (especially of Indian bloggers), I’m always a little bemused at their nonstop excitement at everything. Every experience is mind-blowing, every hike is life-changing, and every sight of the stars is something that your heart will remember forever. I don’t feel any of things. My moments are mostly of a happy contentment, and even these moments are so far apart that I cherish and dissect each one to find out what caused it.
  2. I know that I have a not-so-usual (if not downright unusual) and mildly interesting perspective on things, but it seems to be like this perspective is getting lost because of my lack of writing skills. My website is becoming just another travel blog with pretty pictures.

Also, I face the Taste Gap (if you haven’t seen that video, watch it right now and come back) on every post. As they say, perfection is the enemy of the good. I would go further and make a whole ladder:

  1. Perfection is the enemy of the good
  2. Good is the enemy of the mediocre
  3. Mediocre is the enemy of the bad
  4. Non-existent is the enemy of the bad

Most of my entries don’t even exist because I’m intimidated by the ladder of bad-mediocre-good that I don’t even write the things I want to write. When I end up writing, I land squarely in mediocre territory. But I’ve saved the most important part of this post for last.

But I’ve saved the most important part of this post for last.

I’ve stopped having fun. There, I said it.

Writing is fun for me. I’m even enjoying writing this  post, but the travel entries have stopped being fun. And I really want to enjoy writing as much I love thinking about writing.

So, where does that leave me and this website?

I’m going to pull out all the stops and have fun!

Get in writing volume before worrying about making entries perfect. Write about more things than travel (cooking, music, art, books,…). A blog to me, is freedom to say what I want on my small corner of the internet, and I think I need to abuse that freedom a lot before I can call myself an writer or a blogger.

I also will not worry about posts fitting my “niche” of travel blogging or storytelling or anything. I’m not a single-dimensional person, and my writing will not be about one thing.

I’ll keep updating this post, but for now this is what I’m thinking.

If you’re reading this and have some thoughts (feedback on my writing is welcome 😉), please leave a comment below!


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    Where are you heading for next adventure ?


      Hey! Next in line are US, Europe, and somewhere in SE Asia to learn Scuba Diving, maybe a mountaineering expedition in India. The order of these things depends on the visa process 😀


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    I understand where you are coming from….I too feel we are all multi dimensional and a particular interest of ours need not define us entirely every single time….so yes you have the freedom to do and write whatever you want!
    I too have been on a break for some time…had to spend time with mom earlier……now with the change in circumstances, I am trying to explore other things…. there’s so much to do but too little time!


      I am just reading this comment — hence the delay in replying. My dad told me about your mom. That must have been a really hard time….

      “So much to do but too little time” is absolutely true! But these days, I’m trying to focus on a few things as my priorities for the year (Reading, Writing, Running; I’ve told myself), but we’ll have to see if that works because I’m interested in too many things!


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    Write what you find fun. It would be your authentic voice. Yes I have come across too many travel blogs where every single item in the to-do list is more fabulous than you can imagine and they do begin to sound similar after sometime. Of course they have their own audience so no comments on that. However a blog where the posts are the author’s true voice is more interesting to enjoy in the long run regardless of the posting schedule.


    Writing is for your pleasure. Reading is for reader’s pleasure. So, keep writing and let readers decide what they want to read.


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